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Gateway from the North to historic, culture & theatrical centre, Stratford-upon-Avon,

in the heart of England, in the British island in the sea, and Birthplace of William Shakespeare in Henley St

Described as a Marie Celeste by none other than The Stratford Herald.
It has been visited by phantom cleaners and is shrouded in mystery. It is now available to rent.

"More interesting than Shakespeare's Birthplace, less boring than Anne Hathaway's cottage,
yes folks, this time it's the real thing" -  The Island Cafe

so says the Webblogging Bard of Stratford

Beat £25,000+ per annum

and it could be yours

To Let
about 880 sq. ft. on a Corner
Opposite Traffic Island

[larger image of property]
Ground Floor To Let


A picture of the way it used to look before having a new shopfront 
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This long-established cafe/restaurant is situated in the heart of the country: in the picturesque, historic, cultural, market town, major tourist resort - said to be second only to London - of Stratford-on-Avon, and home of William Shakespeare and the Royal Shakespeare Company theatre. Very good view all the way down the main road from Birmingham.
It could be used for many purposes and not only as a cafe/restaurant: a mobile phone shop or some other kind of shop, show room, or some other leisure opportunity; and is being offered to rent.
A few years ago, the Cafe had a new flat roof put on. ***NEW*** Shopfront ***NOW***

Background of former Proprietor, the legendaryJan Peter Jedynak

He used to live in the Island Cafe. At one time Jan Peter lived in Zakopane and was Ski Champion of Poland excelling principally in Cross Country, and to some extent Biathalon.
During World War II, he was in the Royal Air Force, and was a Prisoner Of War, even in Siberia for a while, several times, escaping on occasion. He was always extremely proud of having received Accelerated British Nationality.
Helma, his wife from Estonia, was at his helm.
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Email Owner: Mr K Jedynak
Phone: 0121 247 7687
Mobile: 07828 168432

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