The Island Café and Snack Bar

[larger image of property]
The way it used to look before having a new shopfront put in
Situated in the heart of Stratford-on-Avon,
but on the North side, on a corner at the junction of three roads:
with Henley Street on the one side just by the Jester, and a few hundred yards farther down the road towards the centre is the Birthplace of William Shakespeare said to be the greatest-ever writer, playwright, and Bard; Guild Street down the other; and the long main road which gives such a fantastic view all the way from Birmingham down to the little island, or roundabout, just opposite the Island Cafe. It is being offered for rent, not only as a cafe/restaurant, but also as a shop, or show room.
There is a first floor, on which there is living accommodation; no cellar; and no second floor, apart from a flat roof, which a person can go out and walk on very easily. Possibly a helicopter could land on it.
Estate Agent Peter Clarke has made a quick estimate of the ground floor space recently at 750 sq. ft plus a kitchen area of around 130 sq. ft, giving a Total Lettable Area of around 880 sq. ft.
Email for further details about renting The Island Café:
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